Mommy & Cole (xtinglyxcolex) wrote,
Mommy & Cole

What a road this is

We put the baby's swing together tonight, then Matt got all huffy about the stupid highchair. I said I didnt want to put it together yet, but he's convinced its because I'm going to return it. Jesus christ, even if I do get a better one at my next shower, I will not return it! I realize its some huge fucking issue to him because his mom bought it. So he needs to calm down about that, seriously. I wont return it.

Anyway, none of my lovely friends are coming to my shower, but that's cool. They're obviously too busy with their lives. They didn't even have the decency to call me, and that's awesome. My sister Deanna is my only real friend anyway.

It's pretty pathetic that all these people I didnt even know showed up for the shower on Matt's side of the family, and now at my family shower hardly anyone is coming. That makes me feel fantastic. :(

I think I'm gonna go work on my scrapbook. I need to do some pages on my first baby shower.
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